Panetta McGrath hosts NDIS Boardroom Roundtable Lunch with the Hon Bill Shorten MP & the Hon Don Punch MLA

Aug 31, 2023 | Latest News and Events

On Tuesday, August 29, Panetta McGrath hosted a NDIS Boardroom Roundtable lunch with Hon Bill Shorten Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Hon Don Punch MLA, Minister for Disability Services.

It was attended by CEOs, C-Suite Executives, and Board Members, from a range of NDIS providers.

The areas of discussion focused on ‘hot topics’ submitted by attendees, broadly covering: the Disability Royal Commission and the NDIS Review; State and Commonwealth cooperation; workforce and people issues; and disability housing. Both Ministers offered valuable insights, with their perspectives on NDIS at a Commonwealth level, WA State Government support of disability services, and the interaction between the two.