Criminal Law

We advise and represent clients in all aspects of criminal defence throughout the Magistrates, District, and Supreme Courts of Western Australia. We understand that being charged with a criminal offence will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging periods of an accused person’s life. We provide honest and clear legal advice to ensure that our clients understand the criminal justice system and are supported during the process.

We are experienced in defending clients in criminal trials, guiding clients through a criminal sentencing process, negotiating with prosecuting authorities to downgrade or discontinue charges, arguing bail applications, applying for spent conviction orders, and appealing sentences or convictions.

We can advise and represent you on:

  • Sexual offences and historical sexual assault matters
  • Indecent assaults or indecent dealing with children allegations
  • Possession of or producing child exploitation material
  • Serious assaults including grievous bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm, homicide offences (murder and manslaughter) or assaults on public officers
  • Domestic violence related allegations including common assault, stalking, strangulation or deprivation of liberty
  • Drug offences including possession with intent to sell or supply, possession of paraphernalia, cultivation, drug trafficking or manufacture offences
  • Traffic offences including driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol, dangerous or careless driving offences, and applying for extraordinary driver’s licences
  • Property offences including property damage, burglary or robbery
  • Fraudulent and financial matters including stealing, forgery and gains benefit offences
  • Threats to kill or with intent to gain a benefit
  • Weapons or firearms offences
  • Breaches of restraining orders
  • Applying for or defending restraining order applications

We take a holistic approach to helping our clients and liaise with psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, and drug and alcohol services if required.

Key contacts

For further information, please contact Enore Panetta or Caley Catto.